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Corpus Christi, TX
To Live in Corpus Christi

You like the way the wind and humidity make your hair look.
You think sweat stains are sexy.
You get an adrenaline rush every time you squish a big cockroach.
You always wanted a job as a convenience store clerk.
You've always wondered if allergy shots are as painful as everyone says.
You think movies with subtitles are a bore.
You like being on a first-name basis with your dermatologist.
You never cared for winter sports that much anyway.
You've always dreamed of meeting Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
You think Padre Island is where they film Baywatch.

So... You want to know about the city I live in? Well.... Most of those things in that Top Ten List above is pretty true. I filched it from's site about Corpus.

Now, I'm not saying Corpus is bad, per say... I just think it could definitely be better. The main thing? We hardly ever get *really* good movies. I mean, honestly! How many screens *really* need to show one movie? Anyway, the music scene here really isn't all that hot (though there really are some great bands around here) and forget about attracting alot of artists here (though we did manage to snag SR-71, Stroke9, and Splender here this past summer).

Okay, so there is at least one good thing about living in Corpus.....
The Bayfront.
Now I don't recommend going into the water, but what I do recommend is this... Go driving down Ocean Dr. in the afternoon, on a clear day, going from one end of it to the other. It's gorgeous! I do that alot when I need to think. It's really very relaxing.
This is a photo I took of the Bayfront one morning.

So, bear in mind that most of the ranting I've done comes from someone who's lived here for, oh, 20 going on 21 years. Anyone that was born here, basically, and has lived more than 20 years here wants outta here.

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