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About Me
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So, you just might be wondering who I am exactly... Well, I'm a student at Del Mar College in Corpus Christ, TX, I'm 20 years old *21 on July 23!*, studying to be first, a respiratory therapist *just two and a half months to go!* and, second, a Rock and Roll history professor. I know those are totally on different sides of the spectrum, but hey, that's how I am I guess.

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Corpus Christi

How did I get into SR71?
Well, while looking for my usual Beatle-related and/or oldies music, I found SR71's CD and noticed, not Right Now, their 1st hit single, but their last Track on Now You See Inside. That's right, Paul McCartney! Okay... so really, what I absolutely noticed first was the CD half-cover. But then I noticed the song! *lol* After alot of debating on whether or not to buy it and checking out their website to find out about the band, I took a leap of faith and bought it! Let me tell you, I'm so happy that I did! It's the greatest CD that I've had the pleasure of listening to and buying in the longest of times!!

And, just for a little added info, I found out that Paul McCartney is Mitch's favorite musician, as well.... (which is like, duh, Sarah... He only wrote a song about him...) Besides, who can go wrong when they have a poster of the Beatles in their recording studio! The album that had the biggest affect on Mitch is Band on the Run by Paul McCartney and Wings, by the way.

Sarah's favorite Picture of the moment:
george clooney
it's that "tatoo" he had for this movie.... *ooh* does things for me. *haha!*

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