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Desktop Themes
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I'm happy to bring you the first ever SR-71 desktop theme!

Now, it's complete with everything except for sounds and a screensaver. If you're like me, sounds sometimes are too much for a desktop, but I do have sounds planned for windows startup and exit and to empty the recycle bin. But that is pretty much all I can tolerate for sounds. So let me know if you're interested in those.
As for a screensaver, I used my scrolling marquee option in the screensaver choices. I do plan on making a screensaver soon, though.

Okay... now for the previews:
when done, your desktop will look like this
(Complete with SR-71 Icons!):
the Desktop Preview screen looks like this:

The colors used are Black, yellow, silver, and gray, the pointers and cursors are yellow and the busy cursor is a guitar with notes around it, and the font that I used and that is included in the .zip file is:
now some preview clips of the desktop pictures also included (all from the Right Now Video) are as follows:
1. 2 of The Queen spoof
(one where they look kind of happy and one where they look kind of sad)
2. 1 Garbage Dumpster Shot
3. 2 of Mitch
4. 2 of Mark
5. 1 of Jeff
6. 1 of Dan

I didn't mean for it to be 2 of Mitch and Mark and 1 of Jeff and Dan... It just happened that way. *sigh* It was very hard to get a clear picture of Jeff and Dan from the video. So, if you prefer Jeff or Dan -- Sorry. But as you can see, you do have quite a variety to choose from!

All the pictures included are sized for my screen which is 1024 x 768 pixels, but shrinking it to a smaller screen shouldn't be a problem as long as you keep the Aspect Ratio.

if you like what you see, then download the desktop theme